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About Us

Broker Partners was established in 2001 by David Salmon and
is a partnership in the true sense of the word.

The business is partly owned by 25 brokers demonstrating a real
commitment to our product and services, it also ensures that the
needs of all our clients are understood and addressed. These
25 brokers formed our “founding members” and the business has
grown steadily. We now have clients across the United Kingdom,
from Cornwall to Edinburgh.

We are proud of the quality of our service, our strong personal relationships with our clients and our ability and willingness to
work to develop a system that meets their specific needs.

How we do business

We recognise that changing software houses (or purchasing a system for the first time) can be a traumatic and high risk event.

At Broker Partners we adopt a consultative approach to prospective new clients. Our priority will be to understand your business and your specific needs. We will talk to you openly about how you will benefit from our system and if we believe that the BPS is not for you, we will tell you.

We will support you through the transition from your old system and do our best to make this process as painless as possible. We understand the impact that a system change can have on your business in terms of time, cost, resources and staff morale.

Many of our clients want more than a “stand alone” system provided by any software house and in response to this, we pride ourselves in our ability to offer bespoke solutions to meet individual client needs. Many of our clients are wholesale or specialist brokers and an “off the shelf” system is simply not adequate.

What makes us different

Our business is growing and we are keen to welcome new clients. Our growth will not however, be at the expense of providing a professional, efficient, friendly and personal service.

We enjoy strong personal relationships with our clients and provide immediate response to client queries. Our staff know our clients and you can be assured that when you need to call us, the phone will be answered by someone who can and will help you.

We are always willing to visit our clients and hold regular “steering group” meetings which provide a valuable forum for the views of our clients to be aired and addressed. We like to think of our clients as being “members of a club”. Being partly owned by 25 brokers ensures that we are constantly focussing on the needs of our clients and keeping close to developments in the insurance broking world. This means that we don’t tell you what we think you want – you tell us.

Our values

Providing excellent value for money. We believe that our pricing is highly competitive and we achieve this by keeping close control on our costs and reinvesting our profits back into the business.

Providing the best possible service. We achieve this by building and maintaining strong relationships with our clients, providing immediate responses to queries on a one to one basis and delivering professional, efficient, friendly and personal service

Growing our business but only to the extent that our resources will enable us to maintain our high service standards. We currently have capacity to grow our business and will be able to recruit high quality staff to meet future growth

Listening to our clients and responding to their needs. We achieve this by regular one to one contact with our clients and “steering group” meetings.

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