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Bespoke Software

Partners is an established and comprehensive product with powerful
utilities and tools to support the smallest to the largest insurance
broking office.

For the commercial organisation the system caters for the most
complex policy requirements easily and with full audit trails.
We also offer an optional fully integrated online Polaris compliant
personal lines quotation system. Online quotes negate the need
for monthly updates as the insurers upload their rates immediately
as and when they change.

  • Reliable and comprehensive

    You will have all the many features available from total integration with Microsoft products

  • Powerful document management

    Powerful document management facility, agent management, multi-insurer and multi client facilities, all unlimited and fully audited.

  • Substantial enhancements

    Substantial enhancements to aid clients in the preparation, management and reporting of FCA requirements.

  • Flexible

    The system allows you to customise and maintain most areas with a section totally devoted to allow the customer to personalise and set default settings to their own requirements.

  • Bespoke solutions

    We take pride in our ability to provide you with a system that will meet your specific requirements.

  • Paperless Office

    All reports are exported to an Excel or Word Document with the ability to generate statements, invoices and other accounting documents electronically.

Why choose us?

BPS is completely integrated with Microsoft Windows and utilises Microsoft Office to its furthest extent.

Whilst our standard software is comprehensive and without restrictions, the majority of our clients enjoy the software's versatility to have included the most demanding broker's own requirements, in-built seamlessly into the core product.

The operating systems and database are all industry standard making your data easily accessed by products such as Crystal Reports.

User Group - the User Group plays an integral role in the development of not only the BPS software but also the direction in which our company evolves. Each client may nominate a member of staff to attend meetings which are held frequently.
This ensures that we are held to account to client and industry needs and demonstrates our determination to listen and respond to your needs.

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