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Customise the BPS to increase user speed and efficiency and restrict operator useage and access.
CRM - Easily search and manage all client/insurer/agent details.
BPS Policy Module allows cover of anything from simple single standard policy to complex multi-insurers/multi-agents with multiple addon schemes.
BPS FC Insurance Quotes module allows Personal lines Insurance risks to be quoted and accepted all in a fully integrated environment. Produce all POS and MTA/Renew all utilising the powerful Applied systems online quotes engine.
BPS Accounts module comprises of a full blown company accounts package. Process client accounts, Insurer accounts and Sub Agent accounts. Bank Reconciliation and Nominal ledger are just a few of it many functions.
BPS comes as standard with a Document Management module that allows you to be come a fully paperless office.
BPS allows a Broker's Office to become fully paperless. Integration with emails allows the tracking and automatic import (or drag and drop) onto the relevant Client or Insurer. A fully functioning document management system allows quick and easy case file history to be found at a click of a button.
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